McKnight Homicides

McKnight Homicides – November, 1984

Judy & Thomas McKnight were found murdered in the kitchen of their ranch house on November 15, 1984. They were last seen alive on November 13, 1984. It was determined that they died from gunshot wounds. There was no sign of forced entry to the residence and evidence at the scene supports that the McKnight’s either knew their assailant(s) and/or were comfortable with their being in the residence.

The case was initially investigated by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department with assistance from the New Mexico State Police. In December 1984, the New Mexico State Police terminated their assistance in the investigation, which was continued by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department. In August 1985, the Twelfth Judicial District Attorney’s Office in Lincoln County convened an Investigative Grand Jury into the McKnight murders. The Grand Jury did not return any indictments and recommended that the investigation continue. In September 1985, The New Mexico Attorney General and the New Mexico State Police conducted a joint investigation into the McKnight murders.

As of this date, no viable suspect(s) have been identified in this case.