Mitchell Hanrahan


Mitchell Hanrahan
Santa Fe

Mitchell Hanrahan

On April 2, 1998, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the body of 43 year old Mitch Hanrahan was found in his apartment located at 4129 South Meadows Road.  Mitch was employed by the NM State Environment Department’s Solid Waste Division where he had been working for 8 years.  His work took him all over the state of NM and he was well liked and respected by everyone who worked with him.

If you or anyone you know has information about this murder, we urge you to help.  


Geoff Grammer March 30, 1998: Mitchell Hanrahan, 44, is shot and killed in his apartment off South Meadows Road in Santa Fe. There are no signs of forced entry or burglary in the home. Hanrahan was an eight-year employee of the state Environment Department’s Solid Waste Bureau.

April 2, 1998: Hanrahan’s body is discovered in his apartment when his estranged wife, Gloria Chavez Hanrahan, and a Santa Fe police officer make a welfare check on him after the woman told police she hadn’t heard from him for several days. The couple had filed for divorce in November 1997.

April 3, 1998: Santa Fe police question Marcos Montoya, 19, and Christopher Garcia, 21. Police stop short of calling them suspects, but then-Capt. David Segura tells The New Mexican, “We’re pretty sure these two know what happened.”

April 6, 1998: Police back off pursuit of Garcia and Montoya as suspects in Hanrahan’s death, saying the two had been involved in a fight the day Hanrahan’s body was found, and blood linking them to the area was from the fight, not the murder.

May 10, 2000: Santa Fe police Lt. Leroy Lucero tells The New Mexican, “We have some further leads in the case. I’m reasonably optimistic about this one.”

March 30, 2000: On the two-year anniversary of Hanrahan’s death, his sister returns to Santa Fe to put up posters around town and talk with police and Crime Stoppers about where the case stands. She tells The New Mexican, “The police say that nothing’s really happening in the case.” Santa Fe police Detective Sgt. Gary Johnson says, “It’s still an active case, but it’s a real frustrating case.”

Nov. 22, 2002: A man tells police that Garcia and Montoya admitted to killing Hanrahan, adding they had robbed him and taken a couple of hundred dollars. According to the informant’s testimony, “Montoya stated that during the attack, the male (Hanrahan) would not stop yelling, so he shot him.”

Dec. 10, 2002: Police take a floor mat and pieces of fabric from a 1985 Ford Bronco to test for blood/DNA samples they hope will lead to an arrest. Toni Scofield, Hanrahan’s sister from out of state, tells The New Mexican of the latest developments, saying, “I’m glad to hear that. We’ve been waiting a long time for this — for some closure. It’s good to hear they are still working the case.”