Tara Calico

Tara Calico was just 18 years old when, on September 20, 1988, she disappeared while riding her bike on a 17-mile cycling trek in Belen, New Mexico. As she pedaled away listening to a Boston cassette on her Sony Walkman, something happened to her; something that is still unsolved today.

“She went out on her bike ride out to the railroad tracks and it appears on her trip she had some trouble along the way. She was getting harassed by what looked to be an older vehicle following her and a group of guys and what,” Esquibel told Nancy Grace last July.

According to Esquibel, two different vehicles were spotted by witnesses on the day Tara vanished, driving along the same road she rode her bicycle on: a primer grey Chevrolet International and a primer grey mid-50s Ford pickup truck.

Witnesses said several people inside the vehicles harassed Tara after she pulled her bike over. Boys were hanging out of the Ford pickup truck tugging at her shirt, trying to grab her. Initially, it looked like a “fun” outing to witnesses, who thought maybe it was Tara’s father and some friends helping her as she pedaled away. No one thought to call the authorities until it was too late. Tara had vanished.

Tara’s family and her boyfriend set out looking for her and discovered a number of items that clearly showed she didn’t leave by her own accord.

“There was a part of the of her Walkman that was found on the side of the road. There was a tape that was found there was a part of the Walkman. They were tire tracks and bicycle tracks where she was pushed off the side of the road. There was a marijuana pipe in the area that was found,” Esquibel said.

Later, when Esquibel began an investigation into the case, she noticed that a lot of evidence was missing. Was there a cover-up? Did someone who had connections with the Valencia County Sheriff’s office or with a prominent politician hide things so that the person of interest wasn’t arrested?

The Mystery of the Polaroid Photo

In June 1989, according to Investigation Discovery’s CrimeFeed, a woman shopping at a grocery store in Port St. Joe, Florida, spotted a Polaroid photo lying in the shopping center parking lot. The photo showed a teen girl and young boy bound up and gagged while they stared at the camera. A copy of the book, “My Sweet Audrina” by V.C. Andrews sat beside the teen girl.

Polaroid photo with two unknown children [Port St. Joe Police Department]

For years, there has been speculation that the girl in the photo is Tara, although the picture was found around 1,600 miles away from where she disappeared. Tara’s own mother was reportedly convinced that the girl in the Polaroid photo was indeed Tara. However, there has been no official confirmation to back up the speculation.