The Bowling Alley Killings

What happened was tragic and traumatic, with multiple senseless deaths to people who had long lives ahead of them. It wasn’t just any murder, but the murder and attempted murder of seven innocent people, including four children and two adults under the age of 35. Three of these victims survived their injuries, and four – including two young children – did not.

The incident occurred in early February of 1990 at Las Cruces Bowl. The victims who were killed included 13-year-old Amy Houser, 26-year-old Steven Teran, and his two daughters, two-year-old Valerie and six-year-old Paula. The victims who survived multiple gunshot wounds and arson included 34-year-old Stephanie Senac, her twelve-year-old daughter, Melissa Repass, and the bowling alley cook, Ida Holguin.

It was twelve year old Melissa, shot five times, who managed to save the lives of herself, her mother, and the cook by calling 911 after the shooters left. Without her quick action, everyone would have died from the gunshot wounds or the fire that the murderers set before leaving the scene. The motive of the massacre was robbery; about $5,000 was stolen. Twenty-nine years later, the case is still open and remains unsolved.